Cooperative Careers

Cultivating Career Connections

Agricultural cooperatives bring together a wide range of careers and related industries to help feed the world. Go inside the day-to-day lives of real-world professionals working behind-the-scenes for and with co-ops, and show students the diverse skills that can be harnessed to find success in agriculture and beyond.

This series introduces students to a wide variety of in-demand career paths that are essential to maintaining a successful agricultural co-op.

Michaela Wendlandt

Truck Driver

Find out how Michaela came full circle working for a co-op after having grown up on a farm, using her mechanical-mindedness and love for new challenges.

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Barbara Carruthers

Animal Nutritional Consultant

Did you know farm animals have nutritionists? Discover the combination of science and loving care that Barbara puts into maintaining healthy diets.

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Evan Sieling

Senior Business Analyst, IT

Learn about the cutting-edge field of Precision Agriculture from Evan, who helps farmers translate the insights of software tools to make data-driven farming decisions.

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Michelle Adams

Logistics Superintendent

Go inside the many roles involved in managing logistics in an export grain terminal, from maintaining schedules for shipments to managing transportation to organizing materials and products.

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Kris Stone

Reliability & Maintenance Leader

Explore how preventive and predictive maintenance help ensure that terminal operations will run smoothly and that schedules and deadlines will be met.

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Ryan Boese

Grain Trader

Discover how the complex global food supply chain intersects with the world of person-to-person business transactions by exploring the role of a Grains Trader.

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