Cooperative Careers: Grain Trader

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Purchasing, storing, transporting, and maintaining commodities for domestic and international trade requires complex logistics and fast-paced business decisions. Grain Traders work to bring value to customers around the world by finding the best opportunities when purchasing grain from the growers and getting the best price for that grain when selling it to the end users.

Meet Ryan

The export terminal Ryan works at is one small piece of the global food supply chain, and to do his job effectively he must have an in-depth knowledge of trade rules and the grain market. Previous experience in the futures markets, logistics management, or customer service and sales fields are all helpful in managing the trading of grain.

Career Profile

Grain Trader

High School | Grades: 9–12


Grain Traders gather lots of information and data in order to make the most profitable trading decisions for their company. They manage many different variables on a daily basis, from international market activity to weather conditions.

Student Activation

Career Activity for Grain Trader

High School | Grades: 9–12


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“Any disruptions to global supply and demand are things that I need to be thinking about.”

Ryan Boese
Grain Trader

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