Virtual Field Trip

See a Real Agricultural Cooperative in Action

Explore the ways agricultural cooperatives (co-ops) come together to achieve a unified goal through individual expertise, teamwork, and innovative technologies. Along the way, students will meet the awesome personalities working behind-the-scenes within a successful co-op to learn the keys to the agricultural co-op business model.

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Co-op Careers

Sow the Seeds of Student Success

Discover the diverse network of talented professionals that come together to create agricultural co-ops, from truck drivers to nutrition consultants and beyond. Get high school students thinking proactively about their future by immersing them in the lives of real-world pros who cultivated careers by following their own interests and passions.

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What’s a Cooperative?

Together We Grow

Find out exactly what a cooperative is and uncover how the agricultural co-op business model is helping organizations and communities thrive across the country and the world.

Introduce students to the 7 Cooperative Principles that guide every successful cooperative venture.

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About the Program

Getting Students into the Business of Cooperatives

Join the CHS Foundation and Discovery Education as we immerse high school students nationwide in the dynamic ingenuity and collaborative spirit of the cooperative business model. Empower students to cultivate success with no-cost, standards-aligned resources that explore essential careers and endless possibilities in agricultural cooperatives.

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