Cooperative Careers: Reliability & Maintenance Leader

Do you want to be a Reliability & Maintenance Leader?

Maintaining smooth operations within an agricultural cooperative comes down to the strength of the people, technology, and systems in place. Reliability & Maintenance Leaders are responsible for building a safe and productive workplace while using preventive and predictive maintenance to ensure operations run smoothly.

Meet Kris

Working at a 24/7 export terminal within the largest cooperative in the US, Kris brings an open mind to work as there is no way of knowing what challenge each day will bring. Troubleshooting problems and adapting in the moment is a must for Kris to keep site maintenance organized and effective. Kris has been resilient and flexible since he was a child, and this helps him bring a smile to his work.

Career Profile

Reliability & Maintenance Leader

High School | Grades: 9–12


Reliability & Maintenance Leaders keep operations running smoothly to ensure that schedules and deadlines are met at a company’s facility. They help both people and machines work better.

Student Activation

Career Activity for Reliability & Maintenance Leader

High School | Grades: 9–12


Inspire students to explore a career that requires quick thinking, commitment to safety, and responsible problem-solving skills.

““It’s truly one of those jobs where, when you walk in in the morning, you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to get involved in.”

Kris Stone
Reliability & Maintenance Leader

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